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6 Key Benefits of Yak Milk Dog Chews

 Tail-wagging Happiness in every bag!

  • All-natural, gluten-free and grain-free - no allergy triggers!

  • Artificial free - no fake ingredients - no dietary issues!

  • Chemical free - no chemical processing!

  • Odor-free - no smells or staining!

  • Waste-free - small pieces can be 'popped' into treats!

  • Mold-free - safe packaging and shipping - no worries!


3 Value-Package Options

One Pound (1lb) Bag 


Three Pound (3lb) Bag 


Five Pound (5lb) Bag - Best Deal!


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  • Friendly service

  • High quality

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What are the ingredients in Yak Chews for Dogs?

At Allgood Pet Supplies, we only source all natural, limited ingredient treats and chews. The Delicious Yak Chews contain only 3 ingredients - yak milk, salt and lime for natural preservation. Simple and delicious. If you have questions about what ingredients you should avoid for your pup, please read our blog here

How are Yak Chews packaged?

Yak Chews are packaged and shipped by weight through our manufacturing processor, Ecokind. EcoKind strives for the highest quality of yak chews at a price point that is easy on the budget. They are amazing people to work with, offering fast shipping and excellent customer service. They are one of our best Allgood Pet Supplies partners!

How many pieces come in a bag?

Yak Chews are packaged by weight and offer 3-6 pieces in a 1lb bag, 6-10 pieces in a 3lb bag and a whopping 12-16 pieces in a 5lb bag! This works out to an average of $5-8 each depending on the weight.

Also note that due to natural ingredients, the colors may vary from light yellow/orange to a darker orange/brown. All natural, and dogs just love them!

How large are the pieces?

Yak Chews are long lasting because they are approximately 1-2 inches thick and 6-8 inches long. They are sold by weight, so the sizes will vary. 

Is there any waste with Yak Chews?

No waste! Unlike rawhide that gest gummy and sticky as it gets smaller, Yak Chew pieces can be popped into the microwave for few seconds to 'pop' them into bite-sized crunchy treats. No leftovers! Note that it is recommended to monitor your dog while chewing to avoid any issues with smaller pieces. Again, snag them up and pop them in the microwave for a quick treat!

How long do Yak Chews last?

Yak Chews are really hard, but as dogs lick and chew, they soften up. And, they last for a long time! Big dogs or heavy chewers may take a day or two to get through one, while smaller dogs could take a week or more. It also depends on how aggressive your chewer is - for example, working dog breeds, like our guy, may not give up and chew as long as it takes to finish it! Happy chewing!

Are Yak Chews good for puppies?

Yak Chews are sold by weight, based on the 1-2 inches thick and 6-8 inches long. However, for our puppies or puppy-sized dogs, Yak Chews for Small Dogs and Puppies allow your pup to try out the Yak Chews, but in a smaller size. They are the same quality, just half the length and thickness (approx. 1/2in. thick and 3-4in. long). Check them out by clicking HERE

Are Yak Chews better than Rawhide bones?

Absolutely! Yak Chews are all natural and made with zero chemicals. Rawhide is processed with chemicals from start to finish, including a 'chemical bath' to start the process. We found that many of the rawhide bones we bought had a dark center from the chemical build up. Also, we found that our pup would choke or cut his gums on rawhide bones. He loves them, most dogs do, but they are not safe or healthy for dogs. With Yak Chews we do not have those issues, and he loves them! For more information about the difference between rawhide and yak chews, please visit our blog here

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