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Welcome to an excellent collection of Superfoods for Dogs that help with a variety of ailments or health issues.

Nutrition comes from real food. Superfoods for Dogs are nutritionally dense whole foods. And natural ingredients helps with dog allergies, itchy skin and runny eyes, or many other health-related issues. Superfoods for Dogs is one way of adding immune-boosting help for your dog.

From berries to greens to bee pollen, our Superfoods for Dogs offer a variety of nutritional and healthy benefits only available through all natural ingredients. 

  • No artificial ingredients
  • No synthetic nutrients
  • No preservatives
  • No chemical processing
    Your dog will love the treat, and you will love the immune boosting power of Superfoods for dogs!

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    • Superfoods for Dogs - Origins 5-in-1 Pet Food Supplement
      Superfoods for dogs - Origins 5 in 1 blend
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