Young Entrepreneur builds Trusted Site for Dog Lovers – AllGood Pet Supplies

Young Entrepreneur builds Trusted Site for Dog Lovers

Young Entrepreneur Debuts for Pet Lovers and Supports Other Small Businesses

Rhys Hausz is a young entrepreneur, and founder of Allgood Pet Supplies, a newly formed business aimed at addressing needs in the highly competitive pet market. He is leveraging expertise from his mentors, school business classes, and training through organizations such as Y2 Entrepreneurship Labs in Ontario.

“The team at Y2 Entrepreneurship Labs helped me to realize that my age should not be a barrier to starting a business.” Said Rhys Hausz

Before considering a launch of a new e-commerce site, Hausz worked on developing a product for the dog market, and is hoping to bring his product to market in 2021. In the meantime, while wanting to test the market for his own product, he also wanted to source products that were made in the USA or Canada, that were better for pets than mainstream products – sourcing those without additives, chemicals and other fillers.

“Finding a large selection of healthy, nutritious and unique dog products in one spot is not easy. There are many great manufacturers and food artisans out there, but dog lovers have to go to several sites to find them.”  

Launching an e-commerce site is not as simple as the many website services would have one believe, but Rhys decided on a platform and launched his site in 2020. Since then, he has seen his site visitors grow from zero to over 2000 visitors in a few weeks. Rhys attributes his quick growth to utilizing his mentors for help in marketing, and his drop-shipping partners that provide a variety of great products. Rhys has also been approved as an exclusive distributor in Canada for a variety of products to be launched in early 2021.

Focused on dogs, for now, Hausz designed the site to be able to grow with his product offerings for other pets, including future plans for his own branded line of products. Stay tuned to this young entrepreneur.

About Rhys Hausz

Rhys Hausz is a young entrepreneur whose dog, Atlas, suffered from allergies (bad food) to broken teeth (bad bones) to skunk attacks (bad timing). Finding healthy, natural pet treats and unique supplies in one spot is a challenge that Rhys wants to solve through partnerships with innovative manufacturers and food artisans.

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