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Homemade Treats - A Failed Attempt

What could be more fun than a collection dog treats made just like 'mom used to make'?

Homemade Dog Treat Attempt and Fail

For my parents and grandparents, having grown up with the 'outdoor' kind of dogs, the idea making treats for dogs back then was crazy. Now, however, as an owner of an 'indoor' dog, Atlas is a very loved member of the family and he loves treats! Only catch? What kind, what ingredients and what process that is easy to follow?

What kind of dog treats?

After a few years of battling dog allergies and broken teeth on chew toys that were not really 'dog friendly', we searched for healthy, tasty alternatives. The best dog treats are those that have very few ingredients, but come packed full of taste and fun!

From chicken or salmon to duck, apple or sweet potato, the varieties available these days are endless. 

How to make them?

There are tons of videos online that give excellent instructions on how to make amazing dog treats. We've tried them! Atlas' favorite homemade treats are the dehydrated beef or chicken jerky. He absolutely loves treats of any kind, but the chicken drives him crazy!

Our challenges: 

Cost - wholesome, organic chicken is not cheap, especially if buying in smaller quantities used to cook dog treats. 

Time - to make them in the size and thickness that is suitable for a large dog, the process is slow and takes a long time to perfect. Even following the instructions, we found that the drying time had the oven on for several hours.

Convenience - while there are several ways to package the homemade treats so they stay fresh for as long as possible, we found it difficult to manage the various sizes in reusable jars, and plastic bags tended to make the treats smell (due to moisture). 

Did we mention the mess? We made a mess of the kitchen, and a mess of the cookie sheets. After baking chicken on them for so many hours, they are now unrecognizable for use in making anything other than chicken jerky! Oops.

Back to the drawing board, and searching for alternatives to homemade dog treats, but with healthy, nutritious ingredients that Atlas will love.

We found the answer in sourcing food artisans and dog treat manufacturers that felt the same way we do! Now we share our 'finds' with our fellow dog lovers. We are always on the look out for the best dog treats, chews and superfoods that provide all of the nutrition and the love for dog's health.

Our mission: Tail-wagging happiness!

Thank you for visiting and reading our blogs! As a 'treat', please use code BLOGFAN at checkout when you find your dog's favorite treat!