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Does your dog suffer from allergies?

Does your dog have scratchy skin, watery eyes or upset stomachs?

Do you feel like a helpless, guilty pet parent?

We’ve been there!

Healthy German Shepard pictured, with a smaller before picture when he wasn't feeling good due to dog allergies.We found that some of our dog's treats and chews were attacking his immune system. 'Atlas' the German Shepherd (pictured) is much better now with all natural treats, and we wanted to share our 'finds' with other dog lovers. We had many questions about dog nutrition and ingredients.

"What ingredients should I avoid
in my dog's treats and chews?"

First of all, it is very important to talk with your vet first. And Calgary veterinarian Julie Schell agrees. “We know and understand your pets’ needs. Each pet, depending on life stage or disease, requires certain ingredients." 

Dog Treat Ingredients

The primary dog treat ingredient tip: avoid dog treats with ingredients containing artificial flavours or colours as this can contribute to allergies and digestive issues. A treat with 1 to 5 easy to understand ingredients can make a big difference. Look for real, human-food ingredients

Dog Treat Nutrition

Just like food for kids, our dogs need treats that are both healthy and have a nutritional value. Not all 'gluten-free' stuff is good for them, nor is too much protein. Depending on their age and life-cycle, our dogs have different needs. A tasty and nutritional dog treat will have the nutritional values listed on their packaging. 

Healthy dog treats require both simple ingredients and nutrition.

As a dog lover of a pet with allergies, we made the switch to simple, all natural ingredients without fillers or preservatives. So far, this has made quite a difference. 'Atlas' went from constantly scratching at his eyes, nose and ears until he caused sores, to finally being able to eat dog treats without allergy symptoms. And he loves them! 

We then searched for healthy alternatives for dog treats and chews and share these finds with other pet parents. And we looked for daily immune-boosting support, we found Superfoods for dogs.

Superfoods are single-ingredient foods that pack a big punch of nutrition. Great for boosting immune systems and offering the extra nutrition your dog may be missing. Excellent resource for avoiding dog allergy triggers!

The top superfoods for humans are also excellent superfoods for dogs. Our top choices include:

Wheatgrass & Kelp
Coconut oil
Slippery Elm Bark

Customer Case for Superfoods:

'Sugarman' has severe allergies and his 'mom' has to be extra careful with his food, treats and chews or it could easily be another trip to the Vet. Sugarman was introduced to Superfoods and enjoys his 'treats' that also help boost his immune system.

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We know it's heartbreaking to see your pet suffer. If you decide to try any of our treats, chews or superfoods, as our 'treat', please use discount code BLOGFAN at checkout! 


See Dr. Schell’s Global News interview here:  Veterinarian Julie Schell discusses some common pet food ingredients to avoid and how to read food labels.